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روز فرهنگ گرایی چند کانادایی 2021


رقص ، آواز ، و تلاوت

This is Kamso, Kamso performed a Traditional Nigerian dance called Igbo in thisvideo. Kamso was also the lucky winner of the dance, sing and recite cateogry! COngratulations Kamso!


زمان داستان

This video was submitted from Highland Park Elementary- the lucky winners of the story time category. In this video we learn how we can say peace in different languages. 


صنایع دستی

This is Vania. Vania submitted a video sharing how you can make traditional BUlgarian crafts. She was the winner of the crafts category. Thank you Vania. 


پرچم ، نقشه و / یا لباس ملی

Fe was the lucky winner from the flag, map or traditional costume category. Fe talks about different traditional clothing worn in teh philipines. Congratulations Fe!


دستور العمل های سنتی

Anna was the lucky winner for the traditional recipes category. Anna shared how we can make a traditional Korean dish, Bulgogi. Thank you and congratulations Anna!

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